Oakley’s Gift supports bereaved parents after the loss of a baby at any gestation. We liaise with hospitals and discover areas where there is opportunity to help parents. In order to do this we fundraise all year round to ensure we can help as many families as possible.


about Oakley

On the 29.11.18 little Oakley was born via emergency caesarean. He was whisked away to the neonatal intensive care unit as he had unfortunately inhaled meconium. Oakley was resuscitated for 16 minutes and had a team of doctors from a specialist hospital try to help him.

We saw him two hours after he was born, he was hooked up to a series of machines. We were told that he needed transferring to Addenbrookes as they had the facilities needed to help save him. Unfortunately he was too unwell to make the journey and they suspected he would have a cardiac arrest very soon so they managed to get me into a wheelchair to go and see him to hold him for the first time.

Oakley died in my arms surrounded by his loved ones. A post mortem report confirmed his death was a result of meconium aspiration syndrome, bronchopnuemonia as result of chorioamnionitis.

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Our team


chair - oakley's mum

Joanne manages the social media pages, orders the merchandise, advertises and plans the events. Alongside her charity work she is a stay-at-home mum to Oakley’s big sister, Ivy-Willow.


Secretary - oakley's dad

Tom helps with the venue decorating, setting up and doing the post office run. Tom works full time so as well as his trustee role.



Tash is our third trustee who gives up her time to sort the paperwork and account. Tash provides an an insight to early pregnancy losses, so we can help as many parents as possible.

penny & sam

web and design

This duo are the brains behind the technical parts of the charity such as our logo design, poster creating, facebook frame and pretty much anything that needs the assistance of photoshop. They are what provides us with the professional touches.

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"I am honestly just so overwhelmed by everything you have given and done for this hospital at the rosemary suite, it’s so amazing of you and so reassuring and you really have thought of everything"

"I really couldn’t have got through today without your charity, I saw a little message in the toilet when we arrived and it made everything so much better."

"I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful this (remembrance bracelet) is and how much it has comforted me"

"Thank you for making my baby feel important. Instead of leaving with just a leaflet and feeling lost this made me feel like this all meant something"
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